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Useful Tricks to Kill the Customer’s Anger

Aug 08

angry clientThe customers are the most important thing for your global or local business. We all live in an interactive world and these days the most easy thing is to show a thousands of people your interests, complaints or good experience. Probably keeping your customers happy could be the best investment you will ever make. If you aware that you are already one step up. We all want 100% happy customers and do our best to meet their needs. But as the world is not perfect neither our customers nor we are. It is normal in your work with customers to receive phone calls from angry customers who can be rude, such as fault finders and constant complainers. Your biggest challenge is to learn how to effectively manage the situation. Your customer service skills should include the ability to deal with these difficult clients. Here are some tricks, which every professional 411 customer service use.

  • Put Yourself in his shoes

The empathy is very important. This is the most efficient way to deal with your customer’s feelings or emotions such as anger for example. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them. You only have to accept and understand what he is saying and his feelings.

  • Listen Actively and Respect the Customer

customer serviceLet the customer speak and ficus on listening the problem. NEVER ARGUE. Just listen actively to what he is saying and what he is not saying. Read between the lines to uncover the customer’s needs. Your customer need to know that you are interested in solving the problem. He believes that something missing in your delivery of products and services and need to be listened and understand correctly.

  • Don’t take it personal – Be positive

Get control of yourself. Remember that the customer can sense what you are feeling. Be sure you put a big smile on your face and maintain your positive attitude, when you are talking to a client through the phone or Skype, till the end of your call, Don’t be stressed out or depressed, leave your personal problems at home. You need to have that calm and cheerful attitude and your customer will feel the same way.

  • Be Careful with Saying “sorry”

This word is used very often. Repeating ‘sorry’ many times means that you are admitting your fault and the company’s. That means you are losing the true value of the word ‘sorry’ as well as you are losing the value of your company. You can still say sorry just but you have to include it in a sentence. Here is an example: ‘I’m sorry you haven’t received your delivery on time Mrs. Bean …’

  • Be Objective

This means that you have to walk an extra mile to understand what the problem is and follow the standard operating procedure or use another appropriate and individualized method of solving the problem. But it is still necessary to follow up with your client through a phone call or email to evaluate the effectiveness of your action taken and to improve the service delivered in the future.

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