Top 7 PC Case Mods

Sep 13

I came across some PC cases in google and I found some amazing stuff. Here is s collection with 7 of my favorites – really cool, unusual and even useful designs ;)

Pyramid PC Mod

PC Pyramid

This Mod is really amazing! It is made by modder polo360x. For the Pyramid PC is used special Luxor Pyramid case made from combination of black and silver aluminum. The base of the Pyramid is 19 x19 inches and It is 25 inches tall. There are only 200 cases like this one.

If You want to know more about it you can check modder polo360x

Whiskey PC Mod


As an ex bartender I highly appreciate this one. Now I could place my PC not under the desk, but next to my Absent, aftershock, Mr. Jack … and so on ;) The Bottle modder explained how he made his high tech Ballantains (Here)

Coffee PC Mod


This one is for real workoholics ;) I’m sure It’s the dreamed machine for many Geeks and Coders. If you are curious here you can check out how they made it. It combines a cool design with an useful warm coffee.

Wall-E Case Mod

wall-e pc

Made for children but not only ;) The Wall-E Case requires a lot of work.
It’s made by a couple of crazy Russians. View more pix (here)

Motor Bike Case Mod


Wow I was stunned by this one. The PC is placed on the rump of the bike. It goes far beyond just an ordinary PC case mod. Here yo can find more about it Motor Bike Case Mod

Pumpkin PC Mod

Pumpkin PC

Halloween is one of my favorite dates. I usually do some pumpkin lanterns, but not like this one ;) Learn more about it here Pumpkin PC Mod

Beer PC Mod

Beer Pc

This one even serve you a beer … I am wordless …

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