How to Beat the Black Mondays

Aug 22

hate_mondaysOh it’s Monday … Again! I have this strange feeling and it’s not only me, A millions of people feels the same way once a week. For me it starts when Sunday evening comes. I have this awful feeling – the Monday is coming and all of the madness starts again. People, who hate Mondays, call it a different ways. I just say “Mondays Sucks” and wait until it’s gone.

If you’re one of these people who hate Mondays, I’ve got to tell you the BIG secret … The Monday is going to come back exactly 7 days later and you can’t do nothing about it. I know it’s depressing but you have to get over it or not its your choice.

5 Ways to Beat This Awful Monday Mood

1. The research shows that usually people don’t begin to smile before 11:16 am on Mondays. This means that we work almost 2 hours without even try to smile. Some morning youtube funny videos could fix this easily. For me the funny cats always help.

2. At Mondays we work hardly 3.5 hours during our 8 hours business day. Most of the time you’ll drink water, coffee or anything else but working. This means that you have to work extra the other 4 days catching up. It’s good to know that this is normal.

3. You have to take your mind off of this boring day? Just watch some TV – your favorite sitcoms probably will make this day looks much bearable.

4. It’s already proven, the Sex beats the depression ;) So Why don’t you start your Mondays that way – works perfect!

5. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate … mmm one of my favorites weapons … It beats the stress and depression, also helps for good mode.

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