100 Monkeys Hits for Fender Music Foundation in Las Vegas

Aug 29

Hey I can’t miss this news 100 monkeys made really great performance Friday night at the Flightlinez Fundraiser Las Vegas. The concert was  beneficial supporting the Fender Music Foundation. The show was really awesome. On Ebay was sold a guitar donated by Fender. The money raised from the concert and the sold guitar are going to be used for a  Downtown music program.

100 monkeys

The actor and band member Jackson Rathbone loves the charity and appears in the couple of organizations. He just became a member of the “Little Kids Rock” organization, which cause is to provide music teachers and instruments to the United States public schools. Jackson’s aim is to give a chance for more children to sense the music better.

Fender Music FoundationThis is one of my favorite bands :) !!!

Marijuana Fields Found in the Nevada Mountain

Aug 26

This is the 1st big case of hidden marijuana farms. The Federal forest agents started removing the fields of pot  from a Nevada mountainside in Wednesday. According to U.S. Forest Service The farm was nearly  3 or 4 acres.

The marijuana was planted there a couple of months ago. The officials found the farms from the air and planned how to remove it from the difficult area. The pot was hidden between the trees  near a zone full with tourists.

“It’s hard to sneak up on (the farms) and it’s easy for them to disappear.” said Kent Bitsko.

In California state  there are a lot of marijuana field on public land, but in Nevada they weren’t very popular. A trainig was made on nearly 20 Nevada officers, about how to detect outdoor pot farms. The Officials from  Sacramento has helped with the  training.

These farms are a new challenge for the Nevada’s police. It is possible the owners to be armed  and dangerous for the Nevadas tourists, who just want to relax in the woods. And not only the people are theten, the native plants can also be harmed by the pesticides applied during the marijuana growth.

How to Beat the Black Mondays

Aug 22

hate_mondaysOh it’s Monday … Again! I have this strange feeling and it’s not only me, A millions of people feels the same way once a week. For me it starts when Sunday evening comes. I have this awful feeling – the Monday is coming and all of the madness starts again. People, who hate Mondays, call it a different ways. I just say “Mondays Sucks” and wait until it’s gone.

If you’re one of these people who hate Mondays, I’ve got to tell you the BIG secret … The Monday is going to come back exactly 7 days later and you can’t do nothing about it. I know it’s depressing but you have to get over it or not its your choice.

5 Ways to Beat This Awful Monday Mood

1. The research shows that usually people don’t begin to smile before 11:16 am on Mondays. This means that we work almost 2 hours without even try to smile. Some morning youtube funny videos could fix this easily. For me the funny cats always help.

2. At Mondays we work hardly 3.5 hours during our 8 hours business day. Most of the time you’ll drink water, coffee or anything else but working. This means that you have to work extra the other 4 days catching up. It’s good to know that this is normal.

3. You have to take your mind off of this boring day? Just watch some TV – your favorite sitcoms probably will make this day looks much bearable.

4. It’s already proven, the Sex beats the depression ;) So Why don’t you start your Mondays that way – works perfect!

5. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate … mmm one of my favorites weapons … It beats the stress and depression, also helps for good mode.

How to Choose the Best Local Contractor for You

Aug 20

remodeling contractorRemodeling your home is not an easy job. You have to plan very carefully every part of it.  When it is a big project it is  almost impossible to organize everything.  Fortunately there is a contractor for everything you’ll need and it is great relief to know that. You can even hire a general contractor who will  manage the whole process. From the planning and performance till the cleaning after the job was finished.

But for excellent results you’ll need a reliable contractor who can count on. It is not enough just to call some local 411 service and hire the closest or the cheapest one. This is a person who you’ll invite into your home and assign him a project, which is very important.

Here are some “Headache” saving tips from me.

  • Check the Insurance and Licenses

First you have to check that the remodeling contractor
you choose is bonded, licensed, and insured. Your contractors should be able to  provide copies of their licenses, and you could check these licenses with  the proper state agencies.

Note:”Proper licensing and insurance doesn’t guarantee that your project
will be completed to your satisfaction, but it’s important part”

  • Quick  E-research

This is really effective way to find out what actually people think about the chosen contractor. Because on paper everything  could be fine but actually – not exactly. You could just write in google “Company Name complaints” and you’ll see all of the unhappy customers. Websites like rip off report are made exactly for this kind of clients.
Note: “Be aware that some of the complaints could be written by the competitors”

  • Ask your neighbors

This is one excellent way to choose easily and fast. who made a remodeling soon and ask them about their contractors. Were they happy with them? Had they any problems? Were there any delays?
Note: “It doesn’t mean that when your neighbor likes this contractor, you’ll like him too. That’s why the personal meeting is very important.”

  • Personal Meeting

At the end do not forget to meet your contractor personal before you hire him.  It’s important to be sure that he sees the project in your way. Every single person has a different personality, It would be easier to work with somebody if you like his point of view and cheracter.

This is the way I choose mine contractors and for me it works excellent. ;)

The Online Shopping – 5 Money Saving Tips

Aug 16

online shoppingThe people already  know that when it comes to shopping online is the way to go for many reasons. Shopping online is very suitable, it means you could never leave your house and offers a better chance you will find the item you are searching for at the lowest price. If done right, the shopping online could be very profitably. By making your purchases online instead visiting the actual store you already save money. You save money on gas and parking and very often you  save money on the cost of the actual product you buy. Even with the possibility of an additional shipping fees, you will still save money. The only downside to shopping online is trying to find the best way to save money. It’s not easy, but once you know a few tricks, you’ll be on your way to quickly saving money with every online purchase you make.

1 Compare the Prices Before You Buy

online shoppingSo you already know what you want and there are a lot of places where you can buy it online and the BIG question now is where it is cheaper. Websites like shopzilla.com, pricegrabber.com and  bizrate.com can help you really a lot with your product and price research.

2. Online Coupon Codes – YES

One of my favorites :) It takes a couple of minutes and the product could be much cheaper than you expected. All you have to do is just enter a code. But how to find these coupon codes? Usually most of the stores advertise them at their websites, but my favorite is retailmenot.com because everything is in one place and the search is really useful – saves a lot of time.

3. Shop at eBay and Amazon

You can trust the biggest in the online shopping. There you could find brand new, outlet and
second hand products. Amazon Prime members get free 2 days shipping on a huge array of items such as CDs, books, DVDs and toys.

4. Check out the Deals of the Day web sites

These websites already work, and work fine for the customers . If you haven’t try them yet, you are missing out on the benefits of online shopping “deal of the day”. For those who are having a harder times during the economic crisis, these sites are here to help. Many folks are cutting corners on fun. But with these new amazing sites with deals like these, there’s no need to do that anymore.

5. Security Tips

Don’t use your credit card at a websites that is not 100% secure. If you do this, you are risking the safety of your identity and financial information. To protect yourself, only buy from stores that you know and trust. Additionally, make purchases only from your personal computer. When you enter your information into a public computer, you greatly increase the chance that your information will be stolen.

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