Las Vegas Local Storm

Sep 12

Terrible storm hit Las Vegas yesterday. The storm began around  2:30 p.m. and continiued till 4 p.m.

The meteorologists say that a quarter-inch of rain felled in the Vegas valley and the winds reached 60 mph.

100 Monkeys Hits for Fender Music Foundation in Las Vegas

Aug 29

Hey I can’t miss this news 100 monkeys made really great performance Friday night at the Flightlinez Fundraiser Las Vegas. The concert was  beneficial supporting the Fender Music Foundation. The show was really awesome. On Ebay was sold a guitar donated by Fender. The money raised from the concert and the sold guitar are going to be used for a  Downtown music program.

100 monkeys

The actor and band member Jackson Rathbone loves the charity and appears in the couple of organizations. He just became a member of the “Little Kids Rock” organization, which cause is to provide music teachers and instruments to the United States public schools. Jackson’s aim is to give a chance for more children to sense the music better.

Fender Music FoundationThis is one of my favorite bands :) !!!

Marijuana Fields Found in the Nevada Mountain

Aug 26

This is the 1st big case of hidden marijuana farms. The Federal forest agents started removing the fields of pot  from a Nevada mountainside in Wednesday. According to U.S. Forest Service The farm was nearly  3 or 4 acres.

The marijuana was planted there a couple of months ago. The officials found the farms from the air and planned how to remove it from the difficult area. The pot was hidden between the trees  near a zone full with tourists.

“It’s hard to sneak up on (the farms) and it’s easy for them to disappear.” said Kent Bitsko.

In California state  there are a lot of marijuana field on public land, but in Nevada they weren’t very popular. A trainig was made on nearly 20 Nevada officers, about how to detect outdoor pot farms. The Officials from  Sacramento has helped with the  training.

These farms are a new challenge for the Nevada’s police. It is possible the owners to be armed  and dangerous for the Nevadas tourists, who just want to relax in the woods. And not only the people are theten, the native plants can also be harmed by the pesticides applied during the marijuana growth.

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