Top 7 PC Case Mods

Sep 13

I came across some PC cases in google and I found some amazing stuff. Here is s collection with 7 of my favorites – really cool, unusual and even useful designs ;)

Pyramid PC Mod

PC Pyramid

This Mod is really amazing! It is made by modder polo360x. For the Pyramid PC is used special Luxor Pyramid case made from combination of black and silver aluminum. The base of the Pyramid is 19 x19 inches and It is 25 inches tall. There are only 200 cases like this one.

If You want to know more about it you can check modder polo360x

Whiskey PC Mod


As an ex bartender I highly appreciate this one. Now I could place my PC not under the desk, but next to my Absent, aftershock, Mr. Jack … and so on ;) The Bottle modder explained how he made his high tech Ballantains (Here)

Coffee PC Mod


This one is for real workoholics ;) I’m sure It’s the dreamed machine for many Geeks and Coders. If you are curious here you can check out how they made it. It combines a cool design with an useful warm coffee.

Wall-E Case Mod

wall-e pc

Made for children but not only ;) The Wall-E Case requires a lot of work.
It’s made by a couple of crazy Russians. View more pix (here)

Motor Bike Case Mod


Wow I was stunned by this one. The PC is placed on the rump of the bike. It goes far beyond just an ordinary PC case mod. Here yo can find more about it Motor Bike Case Mod

Pumpkin PC Mod

Pumpkin PC

Halloween is one of my favorite dates. I usually do some pumpkin lanterns, but not like this one ;) Learn more about it here Pumpkin PC Mod

Beer PC Mod

Beer Pc

This one even serve you a beer … I am wordless …

Green Fashion – How to Power Your Ipod Even With Your Bikini

Sep 02

In our mobile world you could go anywhere and stay connected to the whole world and have fun. With your cellphone, laptop, ipod or PSP now it’s possible to feel your home even if you are in the deep forest. But this mobility ends with you battery. “Battery Low” is a message no one would like to see. As you were mobile with your high-tech gadgets fast you became wired again. The newest innovative clothes can easily solve this problem. They are not only “Green” and useful, they also are very sexy and Fashionable ;) . Here are my favorite suggestions.

T-shirt that recharges phonesCharge T-Shirt

This amazing T-Shirt is a product of Orange. It takes the sound energy around you and convert it into electrical charge. The innovative t-shirt absorbs the sounds you hear and pass them to a compressed quartz layer, which allows to convert the sounds into electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery system. So the best places to wear this t-shirt are fests and concerts. Sounds great isn’t it.

Nano-tech Solar Dress

Nano-tech Solar DressThis sparkling dress contains 448 white square tiles connected into a circuit. Each tile contains a solar cell, jumper connectors and a photocell. The hidden control mechanism, hidden in the dress, can be connected to a PC via an USB port. The main purpose of this dress is to store solar energy trough the day and give it back to you at the nights. The tile structure of the dress allows adding and subtracting to manage the generation of electricity. Hmm Looks better than I expected.

Solar Powered  BikiniSolar Powered  Bikini 1

These are my favorites. The whole Idea to listen some music while I’m laying on the beach and the battery never ends sounds like a dream to me. They are not only a technology innovation but also are extremely sexy. The innovative bikini are made of solar cells placed on their fabric. You could easily charge your small high-tech gadgets with the jack placed around the hip. Many thanks to the designer from me.

Solar Handbagsolar handback

The solar handbag is very suitable choice for busy women. It’s designed by Diffus (Danish design company). They covered the bag with hundreds of miniaturized monocrystalline silicon braids, coming into a beautiful square pattern. Inside the bag there is lithium-ion battery system.

100 Monkeys Hits for Fender Music Foundation in Las Vegas

Aug 29

Hey I can’t miss this news 100 monkeys made really great performance Friday night at the Flightlinez Fundraiser Las Vegas. The concert was  beneficial supporting the Fender Music Foundation. The show was really awesome. On Ebay was sold a guitar donated by Fender. The money raised from the concert and the sold guitar are going to be used for a  Downtown music program.

100 monkeys

The actor and band member Jackson Rathbone loves the charity and appears in the couple of organizations. He just became a member of the “Little Kids Rock” organization, which cause is to provide music teachers and instruments to the United States public schools. Jackson’s aim is to give a chance for more children to sense the music better.

Fender Music FoundationThis is one of my favorite bands :) !!!

Marijuana Fields Found in the Nevada Mountain

Aug 26

This is the 1st big case of hidden marijuana farms. The Federal forest agents started removing the fields of pot  from a Nevada mountainside in Wednesday. According to U.S. Forest Service The farm was nearly  3 or 4 acres.

The marijuana was planted there a couple of months ago. The officials found the farms from the air and planned how to remove it from the difficult area. The pot was hidden between the trees  near a zone full with tourists.

“It’s hard to sneak up on (the farms) and it’s easy for them to disappear.” said Kent Bitsko.

In California state  there are a lot of marijuana field on public land, but in Nevada they weren’t very popular. A trainig was made on nearly 20 Nevada officers, about how to detect outdoor pot farms. The Officials from  Sacramento has helped with the  training.

These farms are a new challenge for the Nevada’s police. It is possible the owners to be armed  and dangerous for the Nevadas tourists, who just want to relax in the woods. And not only the people are theten, the native plants can also be harmed by the pesticides applied during the marijuana growth.

How to Beat the Black Mondays

Aug 22

hate_mondaysOh it’s Monday … Again! I have this strange feeling and it’s not only me, A millions of people feels the same way once a week. For me it starts when Sunday evening comes. I have this awful feeling – the Monday is coming and all of the madness starts again. People, who hate Mondays, call it a different ways. I just say “Mondays Sucks” and wait until it’s gone.

If you’re one of these people who hate Mondays, I’ve got to tell you the BIG secret … The Monday is going to come back exactly 7 days later and you can’t do nothing about it. I know it’s depressing but you have to get over it or not its your choice.

5 Ways to Beat This Awful Monday Mood

1. The research shows that usually people don’t begin to smile before 11:16 am on Mondays. This means that we work almost 2 hours without even try to smile. Some morning youtube funny videos could fix this easily. For me the funny cats always help.

2. At Mondays we work hardly 3.5 hours during our 8 hours business day. Most of the time you’ll drink water, coffee or anything else but working. This means that you have to work extra the other 4 days catching up. It’s good to know that this is normal.

3. You have to take your mind off of this boring day? Just watch some TV – your favorite sitcoms probably will make this day looks much bearable.

4. It’s already proven, the Sex beats the depression ;) So Why don’t you start your Mondays that way – works perfect!

5. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate … mmm one of my favorites weapons … It beats the stress and depression, also helps for good mode.

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